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(NOTE: This blog post was provided by concerned Amherst citizens who wish to remain anonymous)

  • Mont Vernon has a warrant article for $60,000 on the ballot this March for an architectural study for an addition to potentially educate their 7th and 8th students there instead of sending them to AMS. Amherst voters need to understand that all of this will impact our tax bill if Mont Vernon eventually pulls out of their tuition agreement, which they can do 3 years from now. This is something to be concerned about.

  • Amherst taxpayers do not get a vote on the SAU39 administrative budget. Last year, when school budgets went to default, the administrative office were still awarded raises. This needs to change, but the school boards refuse to agree to do it and want to allow the Administration to continue to be unrestricted.

  • The first year of the bond, as listed on the ballot, is INTEREST ONLY.

  • Did you know that Ellen Grudzien is running for Amherst School District Moderator? Why is this important? If Ellen is elected, she will have full control of appointing Ways and Means (W&M) members. The current W&M have recently released informative analyses of budget expenditures and school performance to inform the citizens. It is confidently suspected that Ellen will NOT reappoint the current members.

  • Our school boards vote unanimously in support of almost everything for the schools and they are angry that W&M has not done the same.

  • Did you know that the SAU39 school board members wasted at least $70k on a bogus witch-hunt investigation against John Glover to try to get him to resign. They wasted a year and over $70k on this. Ask yourself why. YOU WILL PAY THAT BILL this year. Of note, the agitator and complainants to date have not publicly apologized for the fiasco created using our tax dollars. Concerns from taxpayers fell on deaf ears about this and many other issues with this school board. Also of note, member Terri Behm supported this effort. This incumbent should NOT be re-elected! We need CHANGE and we need it NOW!

  • The tax estimator was created to provide the citizens a visual of the tax impact. In case it gets removed, here it is:

  • Did you know that the Amherst School Board wants you to think that EVERYTHING they say is true and EVERYTHING in the W&M report is fabricated or false? This is ironic, and we should trust them why?

  • Did you know US News and World Reports ranks Clark/Wilkins #108 out of 223 in NH Elementary Schools with a 51.8/100 rating? Shouldn't we be more concerned with our kids learning than an expensive new building??

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