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No 4th for You!

How many residents know that the 4th of July celebration (Parade and Fireworks) have been cancelled?

The 4th of July Committee has determined that like Boston, Andover and Portsmouth, Amherst will be cancelling the 4th of July Town activities this year. Per the committee, that decision was made with input from the Police and Fire Chiefs and the Town Health Inspector. See the notice posted on their Facebook page here.

Even the "Rain Date" of August 1st was cancelled.

This decision was made without town input even as the State is opening back up. The Governor and State Officials did not make this a recommendation. There was no opportunity for discussion of pairing it back, fireworks watching from cars, just keeping the parade without vendors or booths, just cancelled. Was using large cities like Boston, Portsmouth and Andover as a guide even relevant to our town of ~12,000 residents? Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to use neighboring towns such as Merrimack, Bedford or Milford? As of now, those towns have not cancelled their July 4 celebrations.

Four people of a town-funded committee originally made this decision without resident input, not at a public meeting, not as an agenda item at a BOS meeting.

Enough dissent has been expressed that they will presenting their decision to the BOS on Tuesday May 26th at 6:30. Please plan to attend via Zoom at:

Please click the link to join the webinar:

The 4th of July Committee

Unlike all other Town-funded committees, there is no page on the Town website for this committee. You as taxpayers who fund this committee cannot find out who the members are, if they are appointed or elected, when their terms are up and most importantly, when and where they meet. So your tax dollars are funding a committee that does not consider town input. There is no public information. Does this sound right?

Their information is shared via a Facebook page with 490 followers out of a town with roughly 12,000 residents. How many people don't know they have cancelled?

All town committees who receive town funds should have total transparency.

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