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Warrant Article #40 - Citizen's Petition

As the description or rationale is not present on the ballot for Tuesday's election, I wanted to make sure that everyone voting has a clear understanding of the citizen's petition that was signed and submitted for Warrant Article #40.

We, the undersigned registered voters of Amherst, New Hampshire, request that the Amherst Zoning Ordinance be amended so as to help preserve Amherst’ historic small-town character. We are requesting the deletion of Section 4.16 Integrated Innovative Housing Ordinance originally approved in March 2015. We respectfully request that the Amherst Planning Board make the following changes or that they be placed on the March ballot for Town vote:


1. Complete deletion of Section 4.16 Integrated Innovative Housing Ordinance (IIHO)


The main purpose of the IIHO is to provide developers tax-payer funded incentives for certain types of housing developments. The IIHO as presented on the March 2015 ballot had a misleading description in that there was no mention of tax-payer funded incentives or density bonuses, two items that are critical for understanding the financial impact of the IIHO. These bonuses and ensuing developments are contradictory to the current Town Master Plan by advocating for high-density, cluster developments which will not preserve and enhance its unique rural and small-town character.[1] Additionally, development incentives are adequately captured in current Ordinance Sections 4.14 Workforce Housing and 4.17 Planned Residential Development.

  1. [1] Town of Amherst Master Plan 2010 – 2030

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תגובה אחת

07 במרץ 2020

Does anyone know the author 4.16?

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