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Your Attendance Is Needed!


A petition has been filed with the town to change the Planning Board from Appointed to Elected! We need your SUPPORT to make this important change happen! Here is the Warrant Article:

“Are you in favor of changing how the Planning Board is filled from being an appointed Board to an elected Board consisting of 7 members, as currently constituted, which includes one ex officio member, with two members to be elected for a one year term, two members for a two year term, and two members for a three year term, thereafter the term of planning board members shall be for three years to be filled at the next regular town election pursuant to the provisions of RSA 673:2, II,(b)(1)?”

Critical - PLEASE ATTEND!!!! ***Town of Amherst Deliberative Session: Wedn, Feb. 5 @ 7 pm at Souhegan H.S. Theatre (Warrant Article 37) ***** WE NEED YOU AT THE DELIBERATIVE SESSION to vote on this warrant article so that it does not get amended! ONLY those who attend DELIBERATIVE can vote to get this on the ballot!! We have Board members appointed over and over for 20, 30 and 40 years and they are not interested in the concerns of the citizens. They continue to vote for and support MASSIVE density bonuses for developers to come in and cram houses in at 165-285% more than regular zoning! We need a VOICE in ELECTING THIS PLANNING BOARD!

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