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First Major Development Application to Planning Board During COVID-19 Procedures?

Planning Board will be hearing the Carlson Manor Application on June 23 at 7:00 PM via Zoom.

Please join here:

From the Agenda:


1. CASE #: PZ12164-121619 – MIGRELA and GAM Realty Trust (Owners) & MIGRELA Realty Trust (Applicant), Carlson Manor, 153-159 Hollis Road, PIN #s: Tax Map 1, Lots 8 & 8-2, Tax Map 2, Lots 7, 7A, 7B, 3-1 & 3-2 – Submission of Application/Public Hearing/Subdivision & Non-Residential Site Plan. Proposed 54-unit condominium style development. Zoned Residential/Rural."

Commentary on this proposal:

Procedurally, the first step in hearing any application is to determine if the application is complete. Has the developer provided all the REQUIRED information that the Planning Board needs to evaluate the application? A list of the required information is available on the application form.

One of the unintended benefits with the augmented Planning Board under COVID-19 procedures is the necessity of the Town's Office of Community Development (OCD) to post all documentation online regarding the application. See Carlson Manor documents at

The OCD also prepares Staff Notes to guide the Planning Board members on the ordinance, laws and regulations. The OCD assesses whether or not the application is complete for review. For this application, here is the OCD assessment:

"ITEMS REQUIRED PER SECTION 202.2 APPLICATION and 210.2 & 210.3 SUBMISSION DOCUMENTS FOR FINAL REVIEW PHASE: (received Y, N, N/A) Completed and signed Application Form - Y Names and mailing addresses of all abutters, applicant and professionals - Y Three sets addressed mailing labels - Y

Fees - Y Waivers - Y - see attached letter Three paper print copies of full scale subdivision plat - Y Ten legible 11" x 17" copies of final plat - Y Soils investigation data - N - missing test pit data Drainage calculations, if applicable - Y Legal Data - N - missing Study or review of, unless waived by the Planning Board (210.3 B.23.): Fiscal impact - missing - NO waiver requested

Environmental impact - missing - waiver requested

Traffic - missing - waiver requested Water supply - missing - waiver requested

Drainage Report - Y Hydrogeological - missing - waiver requested Other, as deemed necessary by the Planning Board - N/A at this time"

Please note in the above assessment, for those conditions not met, the applicant is requesting waivers. These are important requests for waivers that involve traffic, water supply, hydrogeological, and environmental impacts.

I guess we will see how this proceeds, will the waiver justifications be accepted and the application be allowed to proceed?

Please log in and attend, listen and voice your opinion.

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