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Groundhog Day?

How many reports to get the "right" answer?

If you were lucky enough to be on tonight's Planning Board meeting, great! You were exposed once again to holdover IIHO members (referred to as "holdovers") grasping at straws to save their IIHO.

A continuation of last week's request for DATA. Which data? We already had an independent report recommended by the Planning Board and commissioned by the Board of Selectmen. We have that already (see previous post

From the holdover's perspective, the NRPC report was insufficient. They say additional data is needed to support the Board's ability to make informed decisions on pending and future development applications. The holdovers tried to present "new" reports, that per holdover #1 stated as "new, not seen before" that could change things, then defaulted to holdover #2 to release the data as it was relevant. Holder #2 then stated he was unsure how to release this information.

This "new information" is a report from 2013. That no other PB members had?

Their motion to request a new study from the NRPC was voted down by the Planning Board. Hopefully this is the last time the public's time will be wasted with such a request that has already been furnished.

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