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Tonight Makes it Clear - Vote Yes on #37

At tonight's Board of Selectman (BOS) Meeting, a current and extremely long-term Planning Board Member gave a "citizen's speech" during the Citizen's Forum part of the meeting. She maintained she was speaking as a citizen, but it became clear that she was the lone representative for the Planning Board (PB). During this speech, she claimed it was with a "heavy heart" that she had to give her speech, and then went on to effectively scold the BOS for not backing up the PB, for not reporting to the PB, for not answering to the PB.

It is clear that the Planning Board Members needs to be elected. Don't believe me? Here are some highlighted statements/sentiments on behalf of the "citizen":

  • The PB is not supported by the BOS.

  • Entire PB threatened that if bad treatment and lack of support continues, they will resign en mass.

  • Historically, admitted the workforce housing ordinances they (she) had worked on met the state requirement for workforce housing.

  • In her opinion, stated the IIHO was necessary because per "their knowledge they had from people in the town, people couldn't afford living here".

  • The warrant articles #40 and #41 are not legal (no explanation given)

  • Warned citizens if they get rid of IIHO, that we would go back to "40-year old zoning" with one house on 2- or 5- acres. And asked "who wants that"?

  • Scolded the BOS for their decisions and accused them of "sabotage" when ordering the NRPC reports outside the Planning Board's jurisdiction, not understanding that BOS has the authority to request outside opinion.

  • Bemoaned citizens not being at meetings, yet didn't attend the meeting when the NRPC gave their presentation, which was publicly noticed the same way every Planning Board Meeting is.

  • Says the expertise of the current PB is "unmatched" yet on multiple occasions PB members reveal they don't know/understand ordinances, including what malfeasance means.

  • Instructed the BOS to write a letter to Sally Wilkins, who's resignation "will be accepted later tonight", thanking her for her service. .

  • Planning Board members have taken abuse on Facebook - no mention of citizens abuse by PB member's friends/neighbors/relatives, prompting unsubstantiated banning from local social media.

  • The BOS is not a land-use board!!! (with emphasis) - land responsibilities belong to the Planning Board. Quote "you do not do land use on this board".

DID YOU KNOW? The BOS oversees the PB, not the other way around. It seems some on the PB think it goes the other way.

Please vote YES on Warrant Article #37.

Make the Planning Board elected officials!

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