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What can I do to stop or slow down the densification of Amherst?


It is that simple!

Tomorrow night, Wednesday February 5th, 7PM at the Souhegan High School Theater is the Town Deliberative Session. Critical voting will occur during this session, so it is imperative to have a high turnout. Please attend and show your support for Warrant Article 37. At this meeting, you will vote to accept the Warrant Article to replace the method for populating the Planning Board (PB). Currently, PB members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. This Warrant Article will make PB elected officials, as are all other town boards such as Zoning, Cemetery, Library Trustees etc. As Amherst grows, it makes sense to change the PB membership to an elected position, which will make PB members directly accountable to Amherst voters. As it now, we as residents have no way to hold them accountable.

Interestingly you will probably hear from PB members that “this was tried once before, and nobody ran”! Do not fall for it! Did you know that several of the PB members have held one position or another on the board for 20, 30, and even 40 years?! Please realize the current PB members are advocating for substantial growth, but will they allow new residence an opportunity to serve on the PB? History would suggest no. This is unacceptable to have the same people hold such positions of power for too long.

IMPORTANT: The town election is March 11th. There will be two additional Warrant Articles on the ballot – right now they are #40 and #41; both regarding the IIHO:

  • #40 is to eliminate the IIHO altogether (reverting to pre-IIHO ordinances that served Amherst well, with regulated growth and established zoning)

  • #41 limits the density bonus to a maximum of 35%

So please participate in the town election process, exercise your right to vote!

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