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It's 2015, would you have voted for this?

This is the actual section verbatim from the IIHO granting very powerful control to the Planning Board:


The Planning Board, subject to Section 3.I8 shall have the authority to modify dimensional and site requirements for each IlHO project as they determine to be necessary in the best interest of the Town and to facilitate the project

  1. The Planning Board shall establisb the lot size, density, setbacks, and open space requirements for each project approved under the lIHO.

  2. Parking requirements may be reduced in projects incorporating studio and one-bedroom units, and in projects restricted to 65+ Senior housing.

  3. Landscaping requirements may be reduced in projects incorporating Open Space.

  4. Height restrictions may be modified in the Commercial and Industrial Zones.

Back in 2015 when IIHO was adopted, below is the verbatim language provided to voters on the ballot explaining this ordinance.

Article 38: Integrated Innovative Housing Ordinance

Are you in favor of adopting Amendment No. 6 as proposed by the Planning Board as follows:

To delete the existing Section 4.16 Open Space Plan and replace it with a new section 4.16 Innovative Integrated Housing Ordinance which allows for implementation of Workforce Housing, Planned Residential Housing and Elderly Housing Ordinances by Conditional Use Permit and associated insertions and deletions throughout the ordinance for consistency.

(The Planning Board voted 5-0-0 to support this article)

Yes (total votes 1566)

No (total votes 970)

Had you known the full aspects of this ordinance, would you have voted for it? Where is the mention in this ballot question of significantly increased density bonuses and Planning Board power to waive all zoning requirements? Now we are seeing the impact of this ill-described and misleading ballot description. Amherst was duped!

Vote yes on #40 to remove the IIHO!

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