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Planning Board Membership and Next Steps

Nine Amherst residents applied for the open Planning Board positions and were interviewed by the BOS Members on April 13 and 14. A great big thank you to all who applied and participated. They were all outstanding applicants and the BOS had a hard job making the final appointments.

Full Voting Members appointed are:

  • Brian Coogan

  • Cynthia Dokmo

  • Bill Stoughton

Alternates are:

  • Tracie Adams

  • Chris Yates

Additionally, John D'Angelo was replaced by Dwight Brew as the BOS ex-officio to the Planning Board.

Subsequently, at the April 22 Planning Board Meeting, new officers were appointed. Here is the current composition of the board:

Full Voting Members:

  • Arnie Rosenblatt, Chairman

  • Cynthia Dokmo, Vice Chairman

  • Marilyn Peterman, Secretary

  • Mike Del Orfano

  • Brian Coogan

  • Bill Stoughton

  • Dwight Brew, BOS ex-officio member


  • Christie Houpis

  • Tracie Adams

  • Christopher Yates

Welcome to the new members and we all look forward to a collaborative relationship!

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